I've moved away from Software Development


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  1. I've spent the last year planning my exit strategy. I moved to somewhere with a lower cost of living. I lowered my expenses. I prepared to live on a fraction of my income.
  2. Then I quit my job as a Principal Software Engineer for a major tech company. They offered me a promotion, I said no. I have zero plans of ever getting another job in this industry.
  3. I love coding. I love making software. I love solving complex problems. But I hate the industry and everything it's become. It's 99% nonsense and it manufactures stress solely for the sake of manufacturing stress. It damages people, mentally. It's abusive.
  4. I won't discourage anyone from pursuing a career in software, but I will encourage everyone who does to have an exit plan from day one. One day, you'll realize that you're rotting from the inside out.


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I read what you wrote and it made me think... Because I gave up everything to get into this field. And I'm just getting into it and there's already some disappointment... But for me, as a beginner it is too early to draw conclusions ...
And you're absolutely right - always have a plan B ...