[Solved] not getting a connection with curl on port numbers other than 80

When I try to use php curl on websites with a port number other than 80 I receive no reply. I have tried with the port number in the URL (http://www.website.com:8080). I have also tried with curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_PORT, 8080);
I'm not sure what else I can try.


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External ports are normally blocked by the Firewall, if you upgrade to The World, we can unblock required outgoing ports.
That is what I figured. This project is not worth paying for hosting. I would host it myself if google didn't require HTTPS and my ISP didn't block port 80. I guess my only option is to host it myself and pay for a domain name. That seems to be the cheapest option.

Do you have a list of the ports that are open?


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Contact us form our website in the contact section or open up a ticket with us, and we will provide you the ports that are open in TCP_OUT
in the firewall.