Hello, I am trying to enter my website and I cannot put this.


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Hello, I am trying to enter my website and I cannot put this.

This is a notice to notify you that your account has been suspended.
Details of this suspension are below:

Product / Service: World Lite
Domain: world.yj.fr
Reason for suspension: complaint \ recue \ QVV-167-22830
please some solution, thank you .. my email .. [email protected]


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[QUOTE = "PH-Marc-André.B., Publicación: 21222, miembro: 17696"] Hola,

Este mensaje significa que nuestro equipo de soporte se ha comunicado con usted mediante un ticket de soporte sobre ese problema.

Vuelva con nosotros en el boleto menc
ionado de https://my.planethoster.com/my-supports [/ QUOTE]

Todavía no tengo solución para mi foro, lo que quiero es que lo reinicien para iniciar un foro de noticias, gracias


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Hello again I would like to recover my forum, the support team has not contacted me thanks


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For security purposes and in order to better track your request, it would be better to open a written support request by clicking the link found at the top of this message. Make sure to give us most possible details in order for us to help diagnose the problem. Your request will be processed as quickly as possible as soon as we receive it.