SSL Problem on iOS


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I have a strange problem and am not sure where to put the question, so I am trying a few places. I work for a small company that has a SaaS application. This application is working fine on PC's (all browsers) and on Mac (all browsers) but when we load it on an iOS device (all browsers), we get an error that the site is not secure. The Site Information/Error even states that is recognizes our certificate and our provider, yet is shows the site as not secure. This of course renders the tool useless.
I have reviewed our configuration from top to bottom and can't find anything. I have a ticket open with my hosting provider and they seem stumped. Any ideas?
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Hello, can you send us a screenshot of the certificate check on the IOS device?

When you click on the open padlock and then Check certificate is what we need to check.

Make sure the updates are done on the IOS device too because that may cause such issues.