Système de fichiers distribué dans le cloud hybride

Is there a supported method to sync an on-premises file server (preferably Windows) with something like SharePoint, OneDrive, or Dropbox?

The reason is that some smaller clients were set up with cloud file storage from the start. They got bigger and now have office workers who share computers but still have different connections. So now computers are just syncing the same things twice (or more) and running out of space.

Many users do not need remote access either, they only work when they are in the office on a desktop computer.

There are quite a few that are never in the office, and the convenience of onerive / dropbox sync clients works well.

Dropbox officially declares that it does not support its installation on a server. And I tried it and it's kinda crappy with weird sync errors - which they warn about.

The only thing I found is the SharePoint server deployed in hybrid mode. Online synchronization of SharePoint with the on-premises SharePoint 2019 server. I didn't have much to do with SharePoint so I'm not sure.

Has anyone else encountered this need and found a good solution?
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Have you considered CloudFuze? PlanetHoster have no affiliation with CloudFuze however it did not take very long with a brief Google search to find out that solution which allows, for exemple, to migrate data via FTP over DropBox,