Un site de commerce électronique débutant en tant qu'entreprise individuelle a-t-il besoin d'un certificat SSL EV?


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I'm confused by the whole process of acquiring an EV certificate, not even sure if they give EVs for individual online businesses. My site will be an e-commerce + content type site. I only sell digital products (pictures).

I plan to implement credit card purchasing and other gateways.

Should I get regular or cheap SSL, especially when I'm starting out and my budget is tight? I have a lot of plans and strategies to make sales with low traffic, if so, am I having problems if people start buying from my site?
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Typically an OV or DV certificate will be enough because by definition it will encrypt the connexion between the client (visitor) and the webserver (http/s)

The Extended Validation type of certification will come in handy for big corporations as an extra validation for the Company and by no means an imperative for an ecommerce startup.

You can safely start an ecomerce using our free SSL solution provided by Let's Encrypt! authority. (Wildcard DV SSL)