VPN offer for PlanetHoster clients

Having to heart the security and neutrality of the WEB, we are pleased to offer to our customers, an exclusive access to our Virtual Private Network solution for free.

- This creates an encrypted tunnel so that all data transmitted over your network is completely unreadable.

- This will give you an IP located in France or in Canada to circumvent possible geographic service restrictions.

- This will allow you to override some network blocks enterprise or school blocking certain websites or ports.

- This is high performance, based on Anycast routing technique (Europe / North America).

- ...

This new architecture is based on a protocol compatiblity on the majority of Windows (Mobile), MacOSX, Linux, Android, IOS ...

The product is now available and ready to be ordered at this address.

(It's free for all PH customers even after the BETA. PlanetHoster Exclusive!)

If you have bugs or suggestions for us about this product, please contact PlanetHoster.



Can I connect from multiple devices at the same time?

-> There are no limitations, it is a high-performance service in PlanetHosters image. We are the first web host to offer this service 100% free to all our hosted clients.

PlanetHoster do they keeps logs?

-> We keep logs for authentication attempts on the server.

You blocking certain communication protocols (FTP, email, HTTP, P2P ...)?

-> We have a level filtering emails externally to prevent the blacklisting of our IPs (SPAM ...). As for the rest, it is in the hands of common sense from the user.

Only for the hosting service or surf anonymously?

-> This service is designed primarily to offer our customers an additional service to better protect them, for example to encrypt an FTP connection in a public place (coffee, hotel ...). Also this service can be used to encrypt all traffic so surf safely without exposing its own IP address (and therefore avoid restricting certain ISP).

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